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Friday, October 15, 2010

Jill McCorkle, "PS"

Jill McCorkle's short story, "PS," is included in the 2010 Best American Short Stories and was first published in The Atlantic. This is a funny story recognizing the hilarious times in our lives that are not funny. It is a 4,500 or so word letter from a prior patient of a marriage counselor. Hannah's husband, after years of marriage, became an evangelical Christian and insisted repeatedly that she "get saved." McCorkle tells an entire story of a marriage and the failing of that marriage through this letter. Even though this is a first-person story, the narrator seems believable and I like the circular pattern of Hannah's feeling like she "...looked lik shit on a stick" at the beginning and by the end, "...I no longer look one bit like shit on a stick."

Read this story again (April 2011) and still found it funny. I think the voice is perfect.


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