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12 June, 2017

V. S. Pritchett, "A Family Man"

The story is told in third-person POV. Berenice makes jewelry and also works at a university. She's having an affair with William who is married. She fancies herself a modern woman and claims that she feels the affair is a game for her. However, strong she deludes herself into thinking she is, she's actually fragile and when William tells her his wife, Florence, is very beautiful, this makes Berenice feel beautiful. Then, vice versa when Berenice meets Florence face to face and Florence is not beautiful, Berenice feels ugly. This also brings William into focus for Berenice in that he's no longer handsome either. Berenice finds out that William is also having an affair with Rosie at the university. And Rosie is "not young." LOL. Berenice is a mess and she doesn't even know it. Although she does have some, not much, guilt about lying and acting a lie.

Victor Sawdon Pritchett, British, b. 1900-d.1997.