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10 August, 2017

Lily Tuck, "Alexa"

Lily Tuck's short story, "Alexa," in the summer 2017 issue of Zoetrope: All-Story shows a man in the 21st century and how an electronic personal assistant becomes intertwined with his longings and fantasies. The story is concisely constructed and complex in its brevity. The narrator makes up stories about strangers and in the end asks Alexa, "Tell me who I slept with." Did he sleep with Linda, his ex-wife, or the svelte blond woman from the hotel restaurant that he imagined sleeping with? The question also arises about whether or not the narrator has resigned himself to the life he has or does he escape it through his fantasies? And he wants Alexa to inform him. The story is also about intimacy and privacy. The more thought given to the story, the more questions that arise.