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10 June, 2010

Inga Ābele, "Ants and Bumblebees"

This short story, "Ants and Bumblebees" from Latvian author, Inga Ābele, is included in the anthology, Best European Fiction 2010, edited by Aleksandar Hemon and a preface by Zadie Smith. The story is about family and loyalty. Marta takes her father and brother to the cemetery to visit the graves of her Marta's uncles and presumably her mother. While at the cemetery, Marta has a vision of her mother. I read the story twice but found the sentences uninteresting and I felt like the translation was either too literal or a tad awkward. The present tense and occassional POV shifts felt annoying though I'm not sure why. That being said, I still enjoyed the story and plan to read it again. And, I have to say, that is it exciting to have an anthology with stories from all over Europe and translated so that mono-lingual people like myself can be exposed to literature from Latvia, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Bosnia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, France, Poland, Portual and many more countries.