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25 July, 2015

Aamina Ahmad, "July Sun"

A love story takes place in Pakistan. The most beautiful part of the story is that it shows the intense bond between two women who live in a suppressed society. Zeenat sneaks away into the sugarcane fields to be with a boyfriend who is not the selection made for her by her family. Zeenat's best friend, Shehr Bano, is married to Ghulam Ali, and wants to save her friend from an almost certain "honor killing." Ghulam Ali is torn between society, mother-in-law, and his wife. Only a brief jail sentence for Zeenat's brother who murdered her and Ghulam Ali, unable and/or unwilling to put his life on the line, realizes that for himself, "Everything's fine." We are not entirely sure how the story ends for Shehr Bano.

"July Sun" is included in the summer 2015 issue of Missouri Review.