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16 October, 2012

Will Allison, "Atlas Towing"

Two sets of young and immature parents find themselves low on money, short on patience and without much support. One young father makes a huge mistake and the other father wishes he was a better man and realizes that one misguided act could land him in the same position as the other guy.

"Atlas Towing" is from a novel consisting of a set of linked short stories. It's a terrific story and was first published in Zoetrope: All-Story and subsequently in Allison's novel, Long Drive Home. Most currently "Atlas Towing" was included in the anthology Grit Lit: A Rough South Reader.

Will Allison's web page
link to entire story on Zoetrope's web page
University of Southern Carolina Press web page

25 July, 2009

Frederick Busch, "Widow Water," Stuart Dybek, "Arf," Ron Carlson, "Sunday in the Windy City," Dorothy Allison, "Jason Who Will Be Famous," and Cheryl Strayed, "Munro Country" essay

Went to the William Kentridge exhibition at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth today.

Still on a mini-break from "Woodie Hart."

In the last couple of days have read, Frederick Busch's "Widow Water," Stuart Dybek's "Arf," Ron Carlson's "Sunday in the Windy City," Dorothy Allison's "Jason Who Will be Famous," and essay "Munro Country" by Cheryl Strayed.