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04 July, 2012

Zsófia Bán, "When There Were Only Animals"

In this 2011 story, "When There Were Only Animals," Anna has applied for and received a photography assignment in Antarctica. Her mother died the year before. Her mother had been somewhat of a mystery to Anna and she was grappling with her death, her divorce, and the fact that she had no other relatives still living. Zsófia Bán has managed in a wonderful way to blend Anna's mourning, her photography, philosophy and imagination into  a story. Ideas about representation, mapping, love, family, memory and even global warming are introduced in this story in a natural way as Anna grapples with her mindset.

"When There Were Only Animals" is included in the 2012 edition of Best European Fiction edited by Aleksandar Hemon. Zsófia Bán was raised in Hungary  and Brazil. The story was translated from Hungarian by Paul Olchváry.

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