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13 February, 2015

E.C. Belli, "What Makes the Dawn Breathable"

In one long, three-page, paragraph, the narrator admits that as soon as she began the relationship, she was planning to get out of it. When he proposed, she ended it. It is told in third-person but it so close that it feels like a first-person revelation. The first time I started to read this story, I had a hard time focusing on it but the second time I read it, I was compelled to immediately read it twice more. It's chock full of insight and nuances of relationships and self about this woman living falsely. "And he strove for her as though she were life itself." They finally part but, and here there's a POV shift, "he loved her still."

"What Makes the Dawn Breathable" is in the current issue, no. 80, of Agni.


"Back to their love, she had taken it as an experiment, a pastime, a job she knew would eventually end."

"She did not live, these two years, so much as watch herself live."

"She cooked sometimes, slept with him often, played the part where she'd let his arm wrap her shoulder before turning to face him, in front of everyone, and bury herself inside of him, opening his jacket with her two hands to let herself in."

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