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11 December, 2010

Megan Mayhew Bergman, "Housewifely Arts"

"Housewifely Arts" consists of thirteen scenes that switch between the present and the backstory. The single mom and her seven-year old son, Ike, are driving to a roadside zoo to listen to a African Gray Parrot, Carnie, mimic the woman's dead mother. When they find the bird, it does not speak so the woman drives to her empty childhood house and collects pieces of wallpaper and a valance from the kitchen which she promptly installs in her house that she's trying to sell. Ike doesn't want to move and ultimately, the mother doesn't want to move either.

The story is 24 pages long and the theme about love, "What maniacs we are--sick with love, all of us." Love that doesn't work out with a spouse or lover, love of and for a child as well as love for a parent and the intense desire for parental love, affection, and acceptance. The story also explores what happens to love when someones dies and how to hang on to the memory of love.

"Housewifely Arts" is issue number 142 from One Story.

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