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26 February, 2016

Maeve Binchy, This Year It Will Be Different and Other Stories

I'm enjoying the stories in Binchy's 1996 collection, This Year It Will Be Different and Other Stories. They are simple but straight forward with kind of "easy" endings, not epiphanic, but simplistic to the point that they are unbelievable. That being said, though, her characterizations are real and believable and she doesn't shy away from troubling personalities and raucous family members and for that these stories are especially fun. "If it wasn't anything she had done, then it must be something to do with the person she was." And this line, "Elsa's sisters had never liked Tim because he had small eyes." See!

07 August, 2010

Shirley Jackson, "The Summer People" and Maeve Binchy, "The Wrong Suitcase"

Maeve Binchy
Listened to "The Summer People," by Shirley Jackson, performed by René Auberjonois and "The Wrong Suitecase," by Maeve Binchy, performed by Cynthia Nixon on Selected Shorts/KERA. The Jackson story builds a slow suspense about the old couple who decides to stay at their summer cottage past Labor Day. We gradually learn that all things change after Labor Day and it was probably wrong for the Allison's to decide to remain. This story does not contain the same creep factor as "The Lottery" but it is engaging and suspenseful. I loved the way Auberjonois read it. He gave the townspeople wonderful and individual voices with inflections that complemented the sense of something treacherous looming. "The Wrong Suitcase" contains a sense of creepy. Two travelers accidentally take each others' suitcases. Both of them are on trips of questionable moral goals and we learn these details as they both read the private papers in each other's suitcase.

Binchy didn't publish a novel until she was forty-two years old; although, she was a journalist and teacher before that.