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08 November, 2015

Sven Birkerts, "Double Take," editor's note in Agni 82

There's a great editor's note in the current issue of Agni journal. He brings to light through his new experiences with his new smart phone camera the way we notice things and pay attention to anomalies while going about our days. He reminds us about Proust, Barthes, and Sontag's philosophies about perceptions and interpretations.

He moves from the idea of looking at something long enough until it becomes interesting to the idea that going about your life and when something is highlighted for you through one of your senses that grabs you and then you give your attention to it, pay heed to that detail that will ultimately be revealing of a truth or truths. Birkert states, "And this made me consider yet again--it's a long-standing preoccupation of mine--that the instincts, the peripheral reflexes, are quicker and more reactive than the daily navigation system."

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