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09 December, 2012

Alethea Black, "I Knew You'd Be Lovely"

Hannah is insecure and wants to prove that she deserves Tom's love. She's jealous of a new friendship her boyfriend of five years has started with a fellow writer he met at a writing conference. Sydney, the new friend, is obviously smitten as she writes long letters to Tom on heavy cream colored paper in red ink. Hannah needs to give Tom the perfect birthday present and this is where we come into the story. Eventually she decides on the perfect gift.

What is so great about this story is the way in which Alethea Black portrays this young woman's insecurities and the way Hannah and Tom deal with those fears. And, the story is fun in that Hannah decides upon the perfect gift for Tom which may be most men's, urban myth or not, favorite fantasy. It's not gratuitous sex, well actually, there is no sex, per se.

It is written in 3rd person shifting point of view. It was first published in the magazine Inkwell in which it won a prize in 2007 for which Joan Silber was the judge.

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