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12 February, 2015

Beth Bosworth, "Forgiveness"

Story starts with security reminders in Penn Station and a woman thinking how vulnerable the station is to attack. She's lost and on her way to meet her father. The first two paragraphs are certainly bleak and militaristic in feel with policemen and service dogs. The POV is a shifting 3rd-person, between unnamed characters, that keeps you on your toes. There is one named character, Alma, and a minor character, a husband, Gerald. The lost woman is late to meet her father for a rare visit; she's extremely nervous. On her route through the station, she encounters people and contemplates her shortcomings as well as vague references to something her father has done wrong. Many lives are peeked in on at the station. A little more than half-way into the story, a man and woman are carrying a bomb and we learn, again shifting POV, through their thoughts what they've planned. So on goes the story and the woman finally meeting with her father. She's fifteen minutes late.

I love how this story illustrates all the multitude of things people think and plan and are involved with all walking around together. Also, how a small act or event is capable of foiling or causing or assisting an event, be it small or huge.

I'm very happy to have found this author. She's been around but somehow I've missed her which, per this story, is definitely my loss. "Forgiveness" is in the current issue, 80, of Agni journal.

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