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29 August, 2016

Rumena Bužarovska, "Waves"

First-person story, narrator is a young girl named Frosina, nicknamed by her father, Frosi-Wosi. The story takes place mostly in Greece after the mother, Meri, and daughter, Frosi, leave Skopje, Macedonia. They are on the run because the father is evidently in some sort of trouble. We never learn if he's guilty or if he's being framed. School children make fun of and then shun Frosina because of the negative newscasts on television about her father being a swindler. The story is ultimately about a young girl learning about and learning to cope with negatives in life and she finds comfort in the changing colors of the light and the rush of waves.

"Waves" is in the 2016 edition of Best European Fiction. You can purchase the book from Dalkey Archive Press here at this link.  I bought my copy at Deep Vellum Press Bookstore in Dallas. Biography for Rumena Bužarovska at Literature Across Frontiers.