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10 October, 2009

Karl Taro Greenfeld, "New Trends," and Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, "Yurt"

Karl Taro Greenfeld's story, "New Trends" in The Best American Short Stories, 2009 issue is a 1st person p.o.v. piece about publishing and journalism in China. Most of Greenfeld's work is non-fiction and in this piece the first person p.o.v. makes it feel like a memoir. I appreciated the details of the market system and publishing industry in China.

And, read Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum's short story, "Yurt," also in the 2009 BASS. This story is about the angst of young adults entering the work force, elementary school teachers, and losing their idealism, a kind of coming-of-age story about those entering their thirties.

After re-reading the ending to this story, I think it is about that stage of life where you realize that no decision has to be forever and that there comes a point where you decide on something, move forward and realize that you may just have to re-decide again, shift your position, go with the flow, try try again, etc.

The author says this story is written in the free indirect style.