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27 June, 2011

Kenneth Calhoun, "Nightblooming"

Twenty-two year old Tristan is nicknamed Stanley by Clyde, Chet, Wally, Ernie and Horace. The jazz group, Nightblooming Jazzmen, has shrunk to these five members and they found themselves without a beat, a drummer. "Stanley" dons a fake gray mustache and takes advantage of the opportunity to "try on" a much older age and time and learn or remember lessons from his father, not only about music but about life.

This story was first published in the Paris Review and subsequently in The PEN / O'Henry Prize Stories, 2011. It is about 14 pages long and written in first-person point of view.

Favorite sentences:
"You can't tell people about your loneliness without adding to it."
And, on page 63 there is a great paragraph about beats, patterns, cycles, and randomness.

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