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28 February, 2015

Peter Cameron, "After the Flood"

Subtropics, No. 15
What a great voice for this narrator and it is consistent throughout the whole story! Mrs. Evarts and her husband of fifty-three years live in the same house Mr. Evarts grew up in. It's been remodeled a couple of times. There's been a flood and their minister takes it upon herself to invite a flood victim family to live temporarily with the Evarts. Slowly, deliciously slow, we find out details about what the Evarts have suffered. "After the Flood" is a wonderful story with lots of metaphors and wonderful imagery. As great as the whole story is, my favorite part is the last scene. I won't spoil it here but even on a second reading, the ending wasn't "spoiled" for me because this is a story that is not completely consumed once you know the plot. Give it a read!

"After the Flood" was first published in Subtropics, Winter/Spring 2013, issue 15, and then selected for inclusion in the 2014 issue of Best American Short Stories.

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