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26 August, 2016

Deborah Eisenberg, "Mermaids" and Maud Casey, "It's a Wooden Leg First"

Deborah Eisenberg writes of young girls' burgeoning pubescence and the complex way in which adults assert their powers and what they assume is covert, but is not, to fulfill their own physical desires. Casey writes, "Yet she, too, relies on the visible to create mystery." The essay, "It's a Wooden Leg First," is about the way physical objects convey meaning and mystery, a turned off television "becomes the nexus of menace," in the story "Mermaids."

I was inspired to pull this story from my shelf because of Maud Casey's essay in A Kite in the Wind. She also discusses the way Eisenberg portrays time. "Though we are aligned with Kyla, the story manages to keep time by two different clocks simultaneously--the second-hand swiftness of adulthood and the dragging hour hand of childhood." Of course, Casey makes many other points, but this one stood out for me.