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20 December, 2014

Nancy Christie, "Traveling Left of Center"

First-person story about a young woman who continues to get pregnant by men who are only interested in using her. There's a wonderful trope continuing throughout the story of nail polish with seductive names, Passionate Purple, Russian Roulette Red and Tangerine Touch. The ending is believable, worrisome that this young and beautiful woman is going to continue in the same manner of having babies by different men who are unavailable or unwilling to commit to her or her child. What will it take for her to change her modus operandi? This is the opening story in a collection of the same name by Nancy Christie. It was published by Pixel Hall Press in 2014.

Favorite Lines:
"Some men like long nails on a woman."

"Pretty soon, he'd stop talking about the future and get on with the present."

"It's a rotten shame the way these things go wrong for me. I don't do a damn thing and yet I'm always left holding the bag--or the baby."

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