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28 October, 2009

Christopher Coake, "We're in Trouble"

Read the first section of a 3-part story entitled, "We're in Trouble" by Christopher Coake. The story is written in 3rd person p.o.v. The bulk of this first section is of a memory that Eric tells, with prompting that he tell something significant, to his new lover, Kristen. While, at first, it seems the story is about this terrible memory and how it has affected Eric's life, with a closer look it seems to be about the latent ramifications a person might be subjected to when they commit to another person.

Finally (Nov. 4), read the second 2 parts of Coake's story, "We're in Trouble." In part II, All Babies Come From Heaven, the main theme seems to be inevitability of death. The realization comes to one of the main characters when she sees the horrible death of a child just after she's finally convinced her partner they should have a child. And, part III, We've Come to This is about a 79-year old man who is diagnosed with cancer and decides to take his own life by overdosing on his pain medication. It is a wonderful study on two people dealing with, again, the inevitability of death.

They make a wonderful 3-part suite and I appreciate that it totals only 29 pages.