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11 August, 2012

Carrie Cooperider, "Among the Boys, at Day's Blue End"

The story is written in second person POV--that reads like a first person POV-- of a young woman working in a male dominated restaurant kitchen. At first the men try not to curse in front of her but she puts them at ease eventually. Cast of characters include a Vietnam vet, Big Eddie, Carlos, Danny whose friend eats his last meal before jail at the restaurant.

The story at first seems to be about the narrator but actually Mason is the one who seems to grow as a person. Early in the story, he is a jerk but by the end he is happily entertaining everyone and using up his stash of 190-proof Everclear. In the middle of the story Mason treats "Tim, Tom, Jim, whatever his name was" in a tender way. The narrator is remembering this time in her life at a later date but it is not clear how much later. She recalls it as "We had so much fucking fun."

"Among the Boys, at Day's Blue End" was published in the Annual All Fiction issue of Antioch Review, Summer 2012. According to the bio blurb this is the first published story by Cooperider. I feel an affinity with her as she has a M.F.A. in Painting as I have. I can't wait until I too get a story published!!

This issue also includes a story by Edith Pearlman and one by Gordon Lish.