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12 May, 2016

Robert Coover, "Nighttime of the City"

I found Watchlist: 32 Stories by Persons of Interest in Common Good Books in St. Paul, the Garrison Keillor bookstore. The anthology is
edited by Bryan Hurt and he states, "When I approached the contributors for stories about surveillance, the only guideline I gave them was that the book's scope would be broad and imaginative."

The first story in the collection, "Nighttime of the City," is by Robert Coover and gives a sense of film noir, "bleak nighttime," "belted black trench coat," "streetlamp," "they follow her at the distance of a lamp," and "ubiquitous shadows." The imagery cycles, "they rise once more." This particular story first appeared in Vice, March 28, 2014.

The collection includes authors I'm familiar with and some new ones: T.C. Boyle, Etgar Keret, Aimee Bender, Carmen Maria Machado, Zhang Ran, Kelly Luce, Chika Unigwe and many more.

24 June, 2014

Robert Coover, "The Reader"

A short meta-fiction piece in which a writer writes into his story his perfect reader, creates a mate for her, gets jealous of that mate, meets a woman in real life and ends with a tasty garlic and pepperoni pizza.

The story is reminiscent of the Greek Pygmalion sculptor who falls in love with his creation.

First published in Conjunctions and then in the 2014 Pushcart Prize XXXVIII.

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