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20 June, 2012

Margaret Crosby, "The Islander"

This story from 1887 pits a Puritanical against a non-believer in a situation where a doctor falls in love with a religious woman, Eunice who is twenty-eight years old.

My favorite line that is so telling of the times, "Otto thought of Eunice, with her violin-soul waiting for the strings to be touched..."

Another, "He looked too large for its small proportions, and too aggressive for its timid propriety."

The story takes place in Nantucket on Vestal Street. Too hilarious. There is actually a Vestal Street in Nantucket.

The story is included in an anthology, "Short Stories," edited by Constance Harrison from 1893 and reprinted in 1969.

digital copy (PDF) of story "The Islander"
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