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15 August, 2011

Jane Delury, "Nothing of Consequence"

"Nothing of Consequence" was first published in the online, much-respected Narrative Magazine and then included in the 2011 PEN / O'Henry Prize Stories. Bernadette is among a group of French women in Madagascar teaching teachers how to teach. Rado, a poet, befriends Bernadette, aka The Merry Widow, not because she's happy but just the opposite. The relationship between the young Rado and the middle-aged Bernadette first becomes the object of gossip and then becomes the subject of inappropriate behavior all the while highlighting Bernadette's previous and unhappy marriage.

The point-of-view begins with a section in 3rd person omniscient or zoomed out sort of POV to set the stage and moves into a closer 3rd person limited POV as we watch Bernadette and Rado get to know each other and learn about Bernadette's marriage. Then the POV shifts to the roommate and tells the reader things that Bernadette is not privy. The POV continues to shift, moving closer and farther, from 3rd person limited close to almost an omniscient plural 3rd POV surveillance at the end.

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