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17 June, 2011

Judy Doenges, "Melinda"

I like, right off the bat, the narrator's name. Melinda, as though she thinks she's pretty which she probably does not as she is a meth addict. The story is written in first-person point-of-view. Fritzi, Melinda's nickname, James, RJ, Little Fry cook meth in an old farmhouse. Melinda has ruined her parents' credit and the only item she has left from her childhood is a pair of ice skates. We see how Melinda ingratiates herself into someone's home so that she can steal from them, both some rare coins and their identity. Melinda's identity, as well has been hijacked; she's called by a name she did not choose and she's told what to do by James. At stake, for Melinda, is her very well-being, her life and even though she's burned her bridges, so to speak, when given the chance, she relives her favorite childhood activity. It's a pretty interesting story and held my attention.

"Melinda" was first published in the Kenyon Review and subsequently selected for inclusion in The PEN / O'Henry Prize Stories 2011.


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