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25 September, 2010

Anthony Doerr, "The Deep"

Zoetrope:All-Story Fall 2010
Tom is born in 1914, Detroit, with a bad heart. His unmarried mother runs a boarding house and tries to keep him as quiet as possible. We watch Tom's attempts at an active life while his mother does what she thinks is the right thing to keep him alive. It's a view into that era of unemployment and poverty through the eyes of a sick boy. It's written in present tense and divided into about twenty scenes/sections. The present tense seems like it would make the story feel close and immediate but it doesn't feel like that. But, what I think is the theme, living in the moment, the present tense is perfect. For the most part, I like it but I'm going to read it again and see if I feel the same way.

The short story is published in the current issue of Zoetrope:All-Story with the design by Kara Walker. Her work is expressive and wonderfully provocative.

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