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06 March, 2015

Heather Dorn, "How to Name Your Daughter"

Story number 22 in the online literary journal, DIGGING THROUGH THE FAT | ripping out the heart is by Heather Dorn and titled, "How to Name Your Daughter." It's heart wrenching but not sappy. The sentences flow off the tongue and pierce straight through to the essence, "My father called me Heatherino, my little bambino." And, "He taught me to turn the knife on a page." And this one, "I laughed because I could only speak on a page." Not a single wasted word and each word does a lot of work, "Once I knew she was there, I could let her grow up." Oh my gosh. I also like how it is about writing as well, how writing saved the narrator as well as how good writing works and is created.

The story is about 700 words long, first-person; so head on over and give it a read. LINK TO STORY. Link to an interview with Heather Dorn at Grab the Lapels.