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11 September, 2010

Laurie Ann Doyle, "Wings Raised Up"

The first sentence in the short story, "Wings Raised Up," published in the 2010 issue of Alligator Juniper is written in an omniscient voice but the rest of the story, I believe, is a close 3rd person POV. It tells of a Hopi woman whose husband of about nine years has died in his sleep. He'd recently gone "the Jesus way" and the Pahaana (white people) women from the church across the highway insist Philbert be buried in the church cemetery. Mavis, the wife, had always assumed that Bert wanted to be buried in the Hopi way, "his knees folded towards his head, his thin body wrapped in a blanket and placed without a word between the rocks in the cliffs." This is a very nicely written story about cultural differences and assumptions that white Christians are so fond of making. Philbert and Mavis had been educated in a Mission School and Philbert had served in the army where he was forced to go to Christian church services. Mavis is left wondering exactly what Philbert wanted at this particularly vulnerable time for her while the Pahaana will not accept her decision.

Laurie Ann Doyle reading an excerpt from a novel (YouTube)
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