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16 November, 2015

Christen Enos, "Anonymous"

A former child star, now twenty-nine years old, has just left the hospital after an attempted suicide. She goes home to her parents' house in Florida, she had been living in Los Angeles, and is joined by her twin sister, Tina.

The story is told in a very close 3rd person point of view. The writing style is concise and clear and is never melodramatic.

At one point, there is a description of the protagonist and a fellow actor in the bottom of an empty pool looking up at the moon. I like how this image takes the adage that a person's eyes are like pools and looking deep into them you can see the soul. Here the pool is an actual pool and the people are at the bottom of it looking up.

There's also a great description of the unreality of being a movie or television star.
"Someone else wrote the words for her to say, and she said them, and they thought she was gifted. Someone else choreographed dances for her to dance, and she did them, while lip-synching to a prerecorded and digitally manipulated backing track, and they loved her for it. Her clothes were picked out by the wardrobe department." Another sad thing is that her twin sister remarks to someone about her sister's wonderful singing talent.

Another one of my favorite lines: "She sets up a new password for her account with her eyes closed, pressing keys randomly so she doesn't know what it is." Now there is a coping method!

"Anonymous" is in the current issue of upstreet, number 11, 2015.

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