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28 January, 2011

Danielle Evans, "Someone Ought to Tell Her There's No Where to Go"

Georgie, an Iraq war veteran, returns home on disability, not physical but emotional. He babysits his ex-girlfriend's daughter, Esther. The wishes of a 5 year old girl, Georgie's memories of two murdered girls in Iraq, the glitzy child star, Mindy, all contribute to Georgie getting in over his head in lies and a contest.

The story is about 18 pages long, 3rd person POV and past tense. It was first published in A Public Space and subsequently included in The Best American Short Stories, 2010.

The title is from a statement made by Georgie while still in Iraq when he had an hallucination of a dead girl running away and he says, "The fuck you think she's running to so fast anyway? Someone ought to tell her there's nowhere to go." This line also can refer to Esther being unable to attend the Glitter Girl concert.

Haunting in its realism while not wholly focused on the Iraq war but the complicated emotional life of every one of us. I doubt there's ever been a better story that includes an adult male accompanying a young girl to the mall.

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