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04 May, 2011

Erin Flanagan, "The Wrong Man"

This first-person point-of-view story uses the O.J. Simpson trial as a backdrop for a woman social worker whose parents had expected her to attend law school. The men at the half-way house where Cate works become diligent about watching the murder trial. Telling this story years
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The Missouri Review

later, she realizes that she was clinically depressed after the half-way house, Wings of Recovery, closed for lack of funding. Throughout the story, the use of 1/2 or things that are one way or the other is a recurring motif which reiterates the binary pairing that some people cope and some people do not. For a year, Cate only eats potatoes, cooked one of two ways. She only completed 1/2 of her college education the first time around. She didn't want to become a lawyer because she would only deal with 1 side of a case. The men come up with the plan to watch both their favorite television show and the trial by alternately muting the sound on the television when the program goes to commercials.

This story is published in The Missouri Review, Spring 2011, issue.

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