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06 July, 2012

Richard Ford, "Rock Springs"

In a stolen cranberry colored Mercedes driving from Montana all the way to Florida, at least that was the original plan, are girlfriend of 8 months Edna, Earl and his "little daughter" Cheryl. They make it partially through Wyoming before the oil light flashed and they had to abandon the car. They abandon the car and make it to a hotel. Earl is one of those guys to whom life happens and he never takes responsibility to make a proper and correct decision. Good fortune is always just on the other side of the road for Earl and his schemes are to the left of center.

"Rock Springs" is written in first-person POV, past tense and is about 22 pages long. First published in Esquire magazine in 1982. "Rock Springs" was then included in a collection of the same name and also published in American Short Story Masterpieces, edited by Tom Jenks and Raymond Carver.

One of my favorite lines: "She seemed gloomy all of a sudden, as if she saw some aspect of the story she had never seen before."

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