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22 November, 2009

Louis Gallo, "S-O-S," Michael Schiavone, "No One Comes Up Here by Accident"

In the short story, "S-O-S," Louis Gallo uses a man, Marcus, obsessed with lurking dangers to his home and family and the man's relentless efforts to salvage his century-old house, to delve into paranoia. Gallo manages to include the proverbial kitchen sink of cultural references from Stanley Kowalski to Schrodinger's cat. In the midst of all of this, the man finds himself naked on his rooftop in the middle of the night. This story is slightly disturbing and a little funny. I liked it and want to take some time to think about all of the cultural references and how they enrich the story. "S-O-S" is included in Glimmer Trains' 73rd issue.

Reading this story has helped me realize I need to add more interior analysis to my story, "Woodie Hart."

"No One Comes Up Here by Accident" by Michael Schiavone begins with a man dreaming being with another woman when his wife's restless leg syndrome wakes him and the story comes full circle with the wife confessing to her extramarital affairs. They'd been trying to have a baby only to end with two miscarriages. Two drunken intruders jar the couple into honesty with themselves and each other. This story is also included in Glimmer Train, Issue 73.