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15 September, 2013

Mary Gordon, "The Thorn"

Seven year old Lucy Turner has just lost her father to heart disease and no one understands her pain nor her self-soothing mechanisms. She thinks her father is going to come back and get her or she'll go to him. She imagines a thorn in her heart and focuses on that pain to dull the pain of losing her father.

The story, "The Thorn," is only seven pages long, written in a very close 3rd person limited point of view and divided into three sections. This story is included in Mary Gordon's collection called Temporary Shelter and was originally published in Ms. magazine.

05 April, 2013

Mary Gordon, "The Imagination of Disaster"

First person point-of-view, present tense, story about or listing the many imagined apocalyptic events the narrator fears will befall her family or children. Her imaginings are delivered in a staccato fashion which lends itself very well to the theme.

The story is four pages long and is divided into four sections. Temporary Shelter, the collection's title was published in 1987 but the stories span from 1975 until 1987. "The Imagination of Disaster" was first published in Granta magazine but I do not know what year.

Favorite Lines:
"When I run two miles a day, I make myself run faster, farther, make myself feel nauseated, make myself go on despite my burning ribs."

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