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16 March, 2012

Phyllis Green, "Dead Man in Lobby"

We run into Grace's life as she is making a change as she encounters another woman whose life change is thrust upon her. The story is just over 3 pages long and in present tense, first-person point of view. The POV gives the story an immediacy and the realization the narrator reaches at the end of the story, I think, is that she is going to be cautious and protective of who she allows into her life in the future. I love the ending: "...with hugs and promises to write and phone often and the address and phone number I give Grace are the ones that I have invented."

"Dead Man in Lobby" is published in the Fall / Winter 2011-2012 issue of Ep;phany: A Literary Journal.

Favorite Lines:

"She attempts to arrange his flipping, wide, unhinged lips so they stop looking like dead man's lips, and screams in French..."

"The lobby empties as if vacuumed."

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