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01 December, 2015

George Singleton, "Seldom Around Here"

Walter Inabinet, changed his name to Seldom, quit his job selling pharmaceuticals and became a fake folk or faux primitive artist. He goes to his art shack in which he spins out his paintings and what-nots that the gallery owner, Margaret Flythe, buys and then marks up to thousands of dollars and sells to the yuppies. One day a woman with a sick baby shows up and wants him to "breathe" on the baby and cure it of its bad case of thrush.

Seldom's wife, Emmie, is none too pleased with her husband's career move. She ends up having sex with the highway trooper, Loris Treen, while they are looking for the woman on the run who has just abandoned her sick baby. In the meantime, Seldom has sex in the art shack with the gallery owner. It's a funny story and the people are just screwed up enough that they are totally believable.

I like the theme of fakery and posing and how things can sound like they are different just because they have prestigious names, pharmaceutical salesman or snake-oil-fake-religious-artist-healer-guy.

"Seldom Around Here" was published in Zoetrope: All-Story in 2001. You can read the story here at this link. This afternoon I found Singleton reading a story online but my wonderful discovery was that a poet, Janice N. Harrington, was also reading. She teaches at the University of Illinois. I love her poetry and the way she reads it.