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04 July, 2010

Patrick Hipp, "Hide & Seek"

"Hide & Seek" written in 3rd person POV is about a guy, James, who remains in love with a girl, Franny, he had only three dates with, four years ago. This story makes me question what exactly constitutes a story. Franny has arrived back in New York; we never really know why. She admits she's been dating someone else for three months. The reason for dipping into the life of James at this moment is, I think, a coincidence. Franny appears in town and they run into each other in front of a bar. This story is included in Issue 3, Spring 2010, of 12th Street. As I think more about this story, I'm reminded how well the dialogue works and the awkwardness of running into a person with whom you have a history. I'm grappling with my own issues via these latest stories.