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25 January, 2016

Alys Hobbs, "True Abnormality"

What a fun and unexpected character, Ralph, the faker of oddities. He's a huckster and in the end he's out-huckstered. I love how the setting is built with just a few keywords that take us to an earlier time. The early bit "his fingers gummed together with glue and tufts of hair," is wonderfully visual and creepy and curious. Who wouldn't want to continue reading? This is probably one of the most unpretentious stories about storytelling that I've read.  So much fun I read it twice and I think I'll read it again. "True Abnormality" is accompanied by an illustration collage by Phil Couzens somewhat reminiscent of Kurt Schwitters mixed with Joseph Cornell.

"True Abnormality" is in the current, issue number 14, of Popshot Magazine.