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05 April, 2010

Alice Hoffman's, "Kiss and Tell"

Alice Hoffman's short story, "Kiss and Tell," appears in Boulevard Magazine No. 74-75. It's written in 3rd person shifting POV. During WWII, 1945, Hannah, thirty-five years old, still lives in the house she grew up in while her sister, Azurine, is a nurse in Paris. All is well for Hannah, except that she wants a child but not a man. A brief sexual encounter with Charlotte, an itinerant actress, gives Hannah the jolt to live her life more freely and her sister returns home with her out-of-wedlock child, Little Kate. Hoffman usually writes novels so I don't read her too often but I enjoyed this story with the old-fashioned setting. However, she has written two collections of short stories. I think I'll try to locate them.