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10 August, 2010

Nathan Hogan, "The Church at Yavi"

This short story in the summer 2010 issue of The Missouri  Review is the first fiction published by Nathan Hogan. He's off to a great start. The first paragraph is omniscient in POV and after that it's 3rd person limited from Frank's point-of-view. A couple divorced have attended their twenty-something daughter's funeral just a month before. The embassy told them that she'd had a motorcycle accident in La Quiaca, Argentina. The mother decides she must travel to La Quiaca, "to find out what happened" and convinces her ex-husband to accompany her. They take the trip, not together, and meet in Argentina. The story unwinds and Frank finds a way that he thinks might give Nan, the mother, some peace and so-called closure, a way to understand her daughter. One thing I think Hogan handled very well is in the characterization of the parents. One parent "understands" their somewhat troubled and/or irresponsible daughter and the other parent is so baffled by Sally, the daughter, that she cannot fathom, on the one hand, that she's gone and, on the other hand, that some of her decisions were simply bad or unwise.