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28 March, 2016

Ann Hood, "Afternoon"

This third-person POV story was published in The Normal School, volume 4, issue 2 back in the fall of 2011. Laura is having an affair with a man she knew briefly when she was in college. They have run into each other at a Whole Foods grocery store and begin the affair. Laura has lots of responsibilities at home with her three kids and a husband who doesn't seem too interested in helping out. On the other hand, Aidan, the man she's having the affair with, has children as well but they are adults and/or are going off to college. He reminds her that he is "almost done and you have so much further to go." In the end, she realizes who she really is and that she is mostly the person who has responsibilities. What we don't know is if that is going to be enough until she's "almost done." Great story by Ann Hood. Here is the link to the full-text of the story. It appears that some of the stories are completely available online and others you need to subscribe to have access. I have the hard copy of this issue. I much prefer reading the paper copy and feeling the velvety cover paper they use.