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14 August, 2012

Daniel A. Hoyt, "Security"

"Security" is a seemingly simple and straight forward story about a college football player, Larry Reynolds, hurt in a spectacularly public way which is viewed and re-viewed by millions on YouTube. However, there are also themes of racism and violence, drug and alcohol use and the ubiquity of surveillance.  I liked the story. It is a solid, well-written story in first-person POV.  At one point the narrator addresses the reader, "You might think I wanted to know..." and a point of view shift, "...the more he talked, they more they yearned for the parking lot." I thought it particularly skillful how the author had the narrator talk about racism and its effects on him and showed Larry analyzing another possible racist incident but when Larry researches the videotape, he discovers that the thrown bottle was not intended for him. A good example of how people of color have the extra burden of wonder when something occurs in their presence.

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