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10 August, 2012

Toni Jensen, "From the Hilltop"

"From the Hilltop" consists of one long sentence with each section beginning with a preposition, if, because, given, when, before, with, aside, etc. A few sections will begin with the same preposition which creates a nice rhythm, almost musical. Actually, it doesn't even end with a period and indeed the narrator has not figured out how to stop telling the story over and over. The style made me feel desperately in a rush to read it with no periods for breather which works very well with the plot and setting of the story.

The story is about regret and takes place in west Texas. Several kids smoke pot and drink beer. They decide to go on to the rooftop of an abandoned hotel, the police show up and that's when the story takes a turn. Identity and poverty are also important.

This was the title story in her collection published in 2010.

bio page for Jensen at Penn State where she teaches