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05 July, 2012

Elizabeth Jolley, "The Fellow Passenger"

A doctor, his wife and daughter take a cruise so that the doctor can recuperate and rest. He's exhausted from his work and is ill but is keeping it from his family. However, a wounded guest on board is taxing the doctor. At last when the miscreant wounded passenger--who has not paid his way--is caught, the doctor is relieved.

"The Fellow Passenger" was first published in 1976 and subsequently included in the anthology, The Literary Traveler, edited by Larry Dark.

12 June, 2011

Elizabeth Jolley, "A Gentleman's Agreement"

A poor, cleaning-lady, and mother of a daughter and a son tries to make everyone around her happy. While anxious to sell her father's land which he will not allow she tries to make him happy as well even cutting off a piece of a wool rug and telling the old man that the wool is from his sheep. Finally able to sell the land, she cajoles a "gentleman's agreement" from the man purchasing the acreage and with an O'Henry type ending, we are surprised. Very enjoyable read.

Elizabeth Jolley was born in 1923 and died in 2007. "A Gentleman's Agreement" is included in the anthology, A Walk in My World as well as in her collection, Stories.

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