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26 March, 2017

Jung Young Moon, "Mrs. Brown"

The story was told to the narrator and he is retelling it. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are held at gunpoint in their home by a young, nervous boy who is joined by his equally naive girlfriend. It's an interesting and somewhat bewildering encounter but also poignant and sad. The themes, for me, are what can happen if a person doesn't know what she wants or doesn't follow through. Yet, also the freedom and relief that might come from following one's dreams. Mrs. Brown finally does take the flying lessons she'd always wanted. She's Korean and her husband is a typical white American of mixed ancestry. She's kept her own name because she doesn't like the name Brown. However, we never learn her name. She's forsaken a lot of her own dreams yet she's pretty happy and open minded. She thinks about this during the so-called robbery.

"Mrs. Brown" is the first story in the collection titled A Most Ambiguous Sunday, and Other Stories  published by Dalkey Press. I bought my copy at Deep Vellum in Dallas.

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