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02 March, 2012

Claire Keegan, "Foster"

"Foster" tells the heartbreaking story of a young Irish girl whose family cannot afford to keep her and the Kinsella's take her in for the summer while her mother gives birth to another child. The father is not much help, actually none whatsoever and the mother just keeps giving birth. The narrator never mentions her siblings by name.

It takes place in eastern Ireland, close to the coast. Place was integrated nicely into the story and almost became another character. The story reminded me of Anne of Green Gables with a girl going to live with another family and becoming quite attached to each other. I think Anne of Green Gables took place in Canada but the sentiment felt similar.

Evidently the story, "Foster," was published as a stand alone book in 2010. Why did the New Yorker publish it in 2011 if it had already been published in an expanded form in 2010, albeit probably just in the U.K.? "Foster" was subsequently included in the Best American Short Stories, 2011.

Favorite Line: "I am in a spot where I can neither be what I always am nor turn into what I could be."

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