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22 April, 2014

Etgar Keret, "Crazy Glue"

Flash fiction, "Crazy Glue," tells of a man having an extramarital affair. His wife buys some glue telling her husband, "A lot of things around here need gluing." The only person given a name in the story is the mistress, Abby. It's a great story with a universal theme of a woman wanting to fix, repair, glue her marriage.

"Crazy Glue" is included in the anthology, Flash Fiction Forward published in 2006.

16 March, 2011

Etgar Keret, "Surprise Party"

Mustache, Band-Aid and Eyebrow are three men attending a fiftieth-birthday party for Avner, a man with whom they have only remote business relationships. It is quickly apparent that all is not well as Pnina, the wife, becomes more and more concerned that her husband has not arrived
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home. His telephone call and hanging up on her compels the three men and Pnina to get into the car and go to Avner's office only to find out that the night security man--recently just a farmer--was asked by Avner to help him un-jam his gun. Eyebrow and Band-Aid leave Mustache to help Pnina either go home or to the police. A great amount of anticipation is built as we hope to find out what happened to Avner only to have the "party" break up and each go their separate ways.

The three archetypes are Mustache the banker who is false in his efforts to comfort, Band-Aid, an insurance agent has a wife with post-partum depression and a two-year old son, and Eyebrow is a dentist who compares himself to a plumber. I enjoyed the story until the building tension just dropped off. The whole waiting and waiting with nothing happening does kind of fit with the anti-climatic ending. I guess my problem with the waiting is that so many "clues" were given about something dreadful possibly happening. Now that I think about it more, it is apropos with the political, economical, and environmental 21st-century way of life. We tend to be bombarded with messages of doom and then these messages fall away as they are replaced with a new and more deadly fear. We wait and worry. Pretty good story.

The "Surprise Party" was published in One Story, No. 146 and was translated from the original Hebrew into English by Sondra Silverston.

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