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04 February, 2015

Michael Knight, "Our Lady of the Roses"

Hadley teaches art in a parochial elementary school. Has a boyfriend who will soon--we think--ask her to marry him. Her parents recently divorced. Mardi Gras fun is had. Sister Benedicta tries to guide Hadley's art projects. The story takes place in Mobile, Alabama, "contrary to popular belief, Mardi Gras started in Mobile, Alabama." Hadley is questioning religion and the status quo, expectations of parents and friends. She decides to have her students collage roses and it doesn't go as expected.

The POV is 3rd person and fairly close, limited. Past tense.

Favorite Lines:
"The sight of them buttoning each other into smocks, men's dress shirts picked up at Goodwill and worn backward over their uniforms, was enough to buoy her through rest of the day."

"Hadley had the idea that if you set a marble on the floor it would roll toward Sister's feet no matter where in the building she was standing."

"The truth was she didn't believe in a God who demanded her adoration."

"Our Lady of the Roses" is in the current, winter 2015, issue of The Southern Review. This journal has quite a long history, eighty years of publishing begun by Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brooks.

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