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27 April, 2015

O. A. Lindsey, "Evie M."

This first person POV story is about a soldier back from war who is working a suck-ass menial job with a jerk of a manager. She is depressed and poor and contemplates suicide. To cope she has some obsessive habits, cleaning and organizing and watching some serial television shows.

"...crouching on her front paws and growling at it like a puppy, and a few of us laughed and then went in the tent, and some guys from the motor pool took bets and shot it. Her. It depends on how frozen the doughnuts are."

"It will take a precise balance of extra microwave and stirring to get them warm enough to eat without completely ruining the steak. I realize about six minutes in that I am going to kill myself."

There are several places in the story that pack this sort of punch where the ex-soldier's mind flits from subject to subject, no matter the significance of either.

The narrator begins a goodbye letter to her father and a separate one to her mother. They are wrenching in just where they stop. There are several places where the gender of the narrator seems to differ; sometimes I think it is a female and other times a male. I like how the story calls into question the reader's assumptions about gender and gender specific roles.

"Evie M." was first published in the Iowa Review in 2013 and then selected to be in the 2014 edition of Best American Short Stories.

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