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06 June, 2010

Marylee MacDonald, "Finding Peter" and Molly Giles essay, "Odds on Ends"

Marylee MacDonald's story published in the 20th anniversary edition of the American Literary Review. This short story was the 2009 ALR Fiction Contest winner with the final judge, Molly Giles. In this story, Anna Ringaard's Eastern European adopted son, runs away to Amsterdam from their home in Boulder, Colorado. Anna tries to track him down and befriends a poor young woman and her son, also named Peter.

From Giles's essay, "We are told plot is linear--conflict leading to crisis leading to resolution--but the perfect geometry for plot is actually the circle." I recalled this from her essay after reading, "Finding Peter," as the plot is circular in this story. Anna has been abandoned by the death of several newborns and then her adopted son runs away. And, the circle comes 'round when Anna abandons the young Dutch infant of Neeltje, also named Peter.